laptops, tutoring fees, school supplies, graduation items, field trips



school uniforms, tennis shoes, football cleats, winter jackets


softball/baseball, cheerleading, gymnastics/karate classes, summer camp, theme park tickets


eyeglasses, ethnic hair products, holiday/birthday gifts


bunk beds, cribs, mattresses, pillows, sheets, highchairs

Visit children daily.

bring clothing, blankets and necessities

play classical music

play board games

read books and watch movies

Psychological and Psychiatric Assessments

Conduct Assessments of Parental Suitability

Obtaining Hospital Records

Serve and Record Subpoenas

Audio Recordings from Court Proceedings


Paying for Surveillance

Expert Testimony

Skip Traces

Here are a few ways you can support our
Holiday Toy Drive and Toy Shop:

  • Virtual Toy/Gift Card Drive – Our Virtual Toy Drive was a HUGE success last year, so it’s back by popular demand! You can “shop” wherever and whenever you like and our kids can get some of the items on their list.  Click here to access our sharable link:  https://amzn.to/32NnfVK
    AND the best part?  It’s REALLY easy!  Folks will select items and they will be sent directly to our office.  It goes right through their Amazon account!  We’ve also added some gift cards, so our teens are sure to get into the spirit as well.
  • Monetary Donation –  If this is easier  – we can do the shopping for you!
    Your donation will be tax deductible and ALL FUNDING will be utilized to purchase toys and gift cards, so every child in our care will have a gift to open this holiday season.  It’s as simple as that!
    If your Company and/or employees are interested, make Checks payable to:
    Voices for Children and mail to our offices at:
    3314 Henderson Blvd, Suite 207, Tampa 33609
    OR you can make a donation online at: https://vfctampabay.org/donate/
  • Traditional Toy Collection – It still works for you?  Excellent! This works for us too.  Just let us know!  We can provide you with a list of suggested items and you can go to town, just like always.  You can drop items off at the  VFC Office.

Every year, thanks to all of our Community Partners, we have been able to yield approximately $40,000 of in-kind donations for our children during the holidays. Help us make sure every foster child in Hillsborough County has gifts to open this holiday season!

  • Check out some of the actual requests that we have received from our volunteers:

    • Child is a 10-year-old sexual abuse victim who is spending his first Christmas in a group foster home, without his sister or any family. He has severe autism. He would love a gift of a new comforting Spiderman blanket.
    • Child is separated from each of her 3 other siblings and lives in a foster home in a different county from their locations. There is no family to provide her with gifts. She has been TPR’d (parental rights have been terminated) and will start the adoption process soon. She is worried that no one will remember her.
    • “K” lost her Grandmother just prior to Christmas last year. She was very close with her GM, who always encouraged her and taught her to be a young lady. A young girl in a house where she is the only girl can be difficult and feel lonely at times. A gift to keep her mind busy, boost her self-esteem and allow her to relax and do something she truly enjoys would surely put a beautiful smile on this young lady’s face. She absolutely loves making her own jewelry! 
    • My child loves to roller skate but does not own skates. She wears her caregiver’s skates, which are two sizes too big for her. I would love to gift her a pair of skates. Her favorite color is pink, and she is a size 8 in women. 

Thank you for believing in our mission and our kids!